When booking an appointment, or accessing our services a receptionist may ask you to briefly describe your medical needs or ask for further details regarding the reason you are making an appointment.

If you feel you are unable to discuss your current problem you do not have to, but please respect that our receptionists are not being nosey; the practice employs a wide variety of clinical staff and any information you give the receptionist can help ensure you are seen as quickly as possible, by the most appropriate clinician.

Under no circumstances will a non-clinical member of staff make any decisions regarding your medical care.

Our receptionists will always handle your information in the strictest confidence.

Telephone Consultations

If you wish to talk to a clinician regarding your ongoing treatment or you have any have queries or questions regarding your medication or test results, a the receptionist can book you a Routine Telephone Consultation with an appropriate clinician.  Please be aware that we may not be able to nominate an exact time for your Telephone Consultation and calls will come from an unknown number.

If you need to speak to a clinician due to an urgent medical problem, a receptionist can arrange for a same-day call with the on-call GP.

If you need to speak to a clinician when the practice is closed, please call 111 and arrange to speak to an out-of-hours clinician.

Text Alerts

Please inform us of your mobile number to receive appointment confirmations and reminders, and text alerts regarding upcoming specialist clinics or changes to our services.