GP – (General Practitioner)

A GP (General Practitioner) is a fully qualified and experienced doctor who has undertaken specialist training to become a GP. GPs are experts in the management of a wide range of common illnesses and health problems. Where a GP feels that a patient’s problem requires even more specialist advice, they may refer them to hospital to see a doctor who specialises in just one area of medicine.

Locum GP

A locum GP is a fully qualified GP who is standing in temporarily for one of our usual GPs who is away for some reason, or if we have a vacancy.

GP Registrar

The GP Registrar is a fully qualified doctor who is likely to have a lot of experience of hospital medicine.

If you are seeing a Registrar, you can expect to receive the quality of service you would get from your own GP. If you have any concerns, please mention this to a member of staff.

In order for the Registrars to successfully complete their training, they need to be assessed on their consulting skills. This is done by the appointed assessors viewing a video of the registrars consultations. You may be asked for your permission to have your consultation recorded in this way. If you agree, you will need to give your written permission by signing a consent form available at reception desk, which will be offered to you. If the doctor appears to be recording your consultation and you have not signed a consent form, you should indicate this to him or her immediately. The recording will be used for educational purposes only.

Further information about this process and the confidentiality of it, can be obtained from reception.