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We have been awarded Training Statusstethoscope

Chesterfield Medical Partnership is committed to providing an environment for learning and personal development..

We are very happy to announce that we have recently been awarded training status. Being a training practice means that we have met the rigorous required standards to provide training for future General Practitioners. Dr Joshi is our approved GP trainer working with the Chesterfield GP Specialty Training Programe which is linked to the East Midlands Deanery.

Later this year we will start having qualified doctors placed in surgery who are working under supervision of the GPs with the aim of specialising in General Practice as their future medical career. They are called GP Registrars and they will be a very welcome and valued addition to our medical team.

Training offers significant benefits to the doctors, staff and patients of the surgery. For the doctors and staff there is the regular influx of young doctors with fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm for medicine. For the patients the presence of additional doctors who are completing their GP training offers easier access to appointments.

An essential component of training in all medical practice is the use of video and joint consultations. We hope that all our patients will be willing to take part in these educational surgeries to help us all in improving and maintaining our medical and consultation skills. All video recordings are strictly confidential and are used for teaching only.

If you feel uncomfortable about this, please inform the receptionist who can arrange for you to be seen alone.