The majority of test results are received directly from Chesterfield Royal Hospital via a secure digital service. Before we are able to inform you of your results, the report will need to be reviewed by one of our clinicians who will assess if any further action is required. For this reason we ask all patients to contact the surgery after 2:00pm to discuss your results, as we may be unable to deal with your query before that time.

In most cases a member of our reception team will provide you with your results, and will inform you if any further action has been recommended by a clinician. Our receptionists can answer most general queries regarding your results, but if you have any specific medical queries (or if any other action is required) they may arrange for you to have a follow up consultation with a clinician.

If you have registered for online access to your detailed coded medical record (DCRA), you will be able to view your results online once they have been reviewed by a clinician. Further information regarding online access to you your medial record can be found here.

To maintain privacy and confidentiality we will never disclose your test results with another person, unless you have provided us with written consent for a specific third party (eg. a relative or carer) to discuss or manage your care.