Children’s Blood Tests

If your child requires a blood test you will need to book a double appointment (14 min) with the Phlebotomist.

To prepare your child for their appointment, you should apply a topical anaesthetic cream called EMLA to the inside both arms 30min before their appointment.

You can request a prescription for EMLA cream for your child at any of our sites without a consultation with a doctor.

Please note, all prescription requests will take 2 working days to process.

If needed urgently, you may be able to purchase EMLA cream over the counter – please discuss this with your pharmacist.

Preparing for a Blood Test

Please drink at least a pint of water before attending the Surgery for a blood test as dehydration can make it difficult to take your blood. Drinking plenty of water will help the Phlebotomist obtain the blood samples required.

Phlebotomy appointment are very short, so in the colder months it would help the Phlebotomist if you remove any outer layers of clothing which cover your arms ready before your appointment.