Chesterfield Medical Partnership will never disclose or share your personal information to anyone outside the practice except under the following circumstances:

  • You have provided us with written consent for your information to be shared with a specific third party (eg. with a relative or carer)
  • You have provided us with explicit consent for your information to be shared with another healthcare professional who is providing you with treatment / care.
  • When you are unable to provided us with explicit consent (eg. due to injury or illness), but failure to disclose your information to another healthcare professional could potentially harm your health or well-being
  • We are required by law, or have received a court order to release the information to assist in the investigation of a crime, or in the greater public interest

Summary Care Records (SCR)

The Summary Care Record is an electronic record of significant medical information which is created from your medical records. Your SCR can be accessed by other healthcare professionals when they are providing you with care (eg. if you are taken into hospital) and may provide them with important information to assist with your treatment.

There are 2 forms of SCR:

Standard SCR: Contains basic important information such as the medicines you are taking, allergies you may suffer from and any bad reactions you may have had medication in the past.


Enhanced SCR: If you choose to the practice can add other important information to your SCR.

This could include information such as your significant medical history, vaccination history, communication preferences, or end of life care information.

Specific sensitive information like fertility treatments, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy terminations and gender reassignment therapy etc. are automatically excluded. If you would like this information to be included in your SCR you will need to provide further specific consent.

An SCR is entirely optional. You can choose to have just the standard SCR, the enhanced SCR or opt out completely. You are free to change your mind and opt in or out of SCR at any time.

Please contact the practice if you would like to discuss opting in or out of the SCR.

More information regarding the SCR can be found on the NHS Digital website