Register at the Practicestethoscope

All patients requiring temporary or permanent registration will need to fill out the registration form, prior to being able to book an appointment.

Call in with your Medical Card (if you have one) and proof of address.  You will be required to complete a New Patient Questionnaire (click to download) and be asked a few relevant questions by the Reception staff.  You may be asked to make an appointment for a new patient check with the Practice Nurse or fill out a questionnaire.

Click here to check your postcode in our catchment area tool.

You will also be required to bring two forms of identification with you:

  • a passport or Full driving Licence (both parts)
  • a utility bill with your name and address on it

You may choose to register with any doctor in the practice. A practice booklet will also be available when you register.

Filling in the form does not guarantee registration as we may, however, refuse your application to join our lists if:

  • You or your relatives have a history of violence or threatened violence or we believe that there is a real risk to the personal safety of practice staff or to the property of the practice
  • You have previously been removed from the practice list, for example due to an irreconcilable breakdown in your relationship with a member of the practice team
  • You are outside the practice boundary

Temporary Residents

We are always happy to see any relatives or friends staying with you if they need a Doctor or Nurse urgently. Temporary Resident Appointment Criteria is based around treatment that is ‘immediate and necessary‘ if your needs are not within this, you may not be seen.

Patients will be registered as a temporary resident (TR) if they are intending to reside in the practice area for more than 24 hours but less than 3 months. Otherwise they can be registered as permanent.

Emergency and immediately necessary treatment will be provided for up to 14 days. There is no contractual definition of what constitutes emergency and immediately necessary treatment, but where a patient is visiting the country and not resident here, it will include treatment of new conditions and also pre-existing conditions that have become exacerbated during the period of a person’s stay in England, subject to the contractor’s clinical judgement.

NHS (Charges to Overseas Visitors) Regulations 2015:

Anyone regardless of nationality, immigration and/or residential status, including tourists or those from abroad visiting friends or family in England, may register and consult with a GP and will be treated in exactly the same way as a UK resident. However, if you are not ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK you may have to pay for NHS treatment outside of the GP practice.

Being ordinarily resident broadly means living lawfully in the UK on a properly settled basis for the time being. In most cases, nationals, of countries outside the European Economic Area must also have the status of ‘indefinite leave to remain’ in the UK.

Please click on the links below for more information and the forms you will be required to complete:

Please download this leaflet from NHS England on how to register with a doctor (GP) for asylum seekers and refugees:

How to Register with a Doctor (GP)