The Medical Interoperability Gateway is a system which allows us to share the clinical information held on our computer systems with other healthcare professionals who may be treating you. Your information would only be shared with appropriate professional services that have undergone strict security assessments (e.g. ambulance and out-of-hours services, community health, social care) and are working with you to provide support. The MIG helps to ensure that your information is available when it is needed most.

Health and Social Care Professionals will always ask for your consent to view certain information when treating and supporting you, this means that you are always presented with an option to agree or disagree.

In certain circumstances a patient’s information may be viewed without their direct consent, but only if there is a “Duty of care” – for example, if there are safeguarding concerns about someone’s welfare, during a medical emergency, or if the patient is unable to respond at the time of treatment. Only authorised health and social care staff involved in your care would be able to access your information, and they can only access the specific information required to do their job.

All information shared via SCR or MIG is transferred in an encrypted format over highly secure NHS networks. Your information can only be access by Healthcare Professionals with “chip and pin” smartcard access, and the relevant access rights. Your information will never be transferred outside of the NHS without your direct consent.