Only call 999 during a genuine medical emergency!

A medical emergency is when someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk.

Most medical complaints do not require a hospital visit and can be dealt with by a GP or other primary care clinician.  If a referral is required, all our clinicians are able to assess a patient’s needs and refer then on to the hospital or to a specialist clinic as needed.


If you or someone else experiences a loss of consciousness, an acute confused state, fits that aren’t stopping, severe chest pain, breathing difficulties, severe bleeding that can’t be stopped, severe allergic reactions severe burns or scalds or any other severe injury or trauma go to your nearest Accident and Emergency department or call 999 immediately!

When The Practice is Closed

If you need to speak to a GP or you require medical advice or attention when the practice closed you can contact the out-of-hours service by dialling 111. The out-of-hours service are able to give advice over the phone, and can refer you to an out-of-hours GP. Out-of-hours services are available from 6:00pm to 8:00am on weekdays and all day at weekends and on bank holidays.
999 and the accident and emergency services are not for general or routine use.

Further information and guidance regarding out of hours services, when to visit A&E and when to dial 999 can be found on The NHS Website.