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Summer / Autumn 2016

Medicines Waste

Every year millions of pounds worth of medicines are ordered and not used. Please help reduce this burden on the NHS.

Check your repeat form and only order what you really need. Once medicines have been issued they cannot be used by anyone else and have to be destroyed.

Don’t hoard prescribed tablets, injections etc. “just in case”; some patients have been found to have cupboards full! Don’t let that be you! Return them to the pharmacy if you no longer take them.

Remember that medications are prescribed for you alone – under no circumstances should you give them to anyone else.


Physiotherapy Referrals

Adult patients from this practice can now refer themselves to Physiotherapy on the NHS without a visit to the GP.

The service offers comprehensive treatment and advice.

Phone 01246 565050 Monday – Friday 8.30am – 3.00pm
Alternatively you can email them at:
A leaflet is available on reception at each of our 3 sites

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Summer/Autumn 2016